His Name Is...

by Rachel
(south dakota)

When I was about 11 years old I swear I went insane? I told people I was dating a guy named Trevor. Now I realize he was not real. I had these visions where he would hit me, just in general beat me. Then he told me he found another girl, on Sep 24, 2008.

I struggled to get out of my overwhelming sense of darkness, until on Sep 27, 2008. I didn't eat or drink anything that day because the pain was overwhelming. Until I looked in the corner of my room I saw a guy, he had pale skin, tall, jet black hair, some of it covered his face...

He came nearer towards me. He was (to me) very good looking. I didn't feel scared. I just stared, kinda hypnotized. He asked to lay beside me, I just shook my head yes. He wasn't breathing. I asked why, no answer. Then this feeling overcame me, I begged him to touch me, love me.

He said his name was Deric Jensen. From then on until Jan 2,2009 he was mine; on that day he vanished. I started having visions a few months later...I saw him killing innocent people everyday. In these visions he tortured them until they were unrecognizable. He never got caught because it seemed like the people he tortured vanished off the face of earth?? He was mean (not to me. They told me he has never loved or liked someone as he did me. Romantically.

I recall him being very powerful and he had serious security. I am better now, I no longer have these visions, but I have been hospitalized for mental health reasons years later. Weirdly I have read stories on here with some people describing him??? I just thought this might help? He's not a good being, that's all I'm sure of.

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