Holy Evil Draining My Life

by Betty

This story begins in 2009. I meet this guy, well he came up to me, he just seemed strange from the beginning. We met the second week of October, but we didn't start dating until November.

Anyways he always told me how holy his mother was. She prayed every single day and went to church every week, sometimes twice, so I believed it. But one day he had brought me to his mother's house. I followed him to his room (now this is the first time I went anywhere in her house - I always stayed in the kitchen or living room). So I had to use the bathroom.

So he takes me to the bathroom and I get out. We are in his room and it's just filled with pictures and with demons on it. So we get into the hallway and there's a dresser in the hall that has these creepy statues and beads. It looked like a little altar a creepy one. I asked what it was for. He said for special prayers.

So fast forward... now it's 2010, but we had moved since 2009. We moved into this apartment, it took about a week, and weird things were happening already. I wasn't a church-going person, I believed in GOD I just didn't go to church. But I noticed every time we got into argument and he came back things got bad.

I found out I had stage 2C cancer. He said his mother was praying for me every night. She wasn't praying for me to get better cause every time we argued he'd go to his mommy's house and I got worse when he returned. A few months down the line I got rid of the things she gave me that were suppose to protect me and voila I started getting better, but I didn't tell him.

So one day he was gone he said he had to get rum for his mother. I'm like "She drinks?" He said "no". Then what does she need the rum for? He said to leave for the saints as an offering. She would leave a shot glass of rum next to those creepy, creepy statues.

All I know is that I have never heard of leaving rum for any of the Lord's Angels in the Bible or at church.

This is a two part story. I'll write the rest some other time.

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