Home Alone

by Gary
(Visalia, CA, USA)

I had a dream when I was about twelve. It was so vivid, that I can remember the details today.

I remember waking up (in my dream) and finding the house very quiet. It was about 5:00 on an autumn afternoon, and the sun was low on the horizon, but it was not yet twilight. I slowly walked through the house looking for my mother, sisters, and brother. I called their names, but no one answered. My parents never left me home alone until I was sixteen, so this was very unusual.

As I walked past the bathroom, I decided to open the door and see if anyone was hiding in there. I opened the door a crack while standing back in the hall. I didn't see anything unusual, so I opened the door wider and began to step into the small bathroom.

Suddenly, I felt resistance against the back of the door. SOMETHING was hiding behind the door. I don't know how I knew it, but I was sure that it was the Devil himself who was behind that door!

I ran out of the house, through the yard, and onto the dirt road that ran between plum orchards. I was screaming and panting. Oddly, i do not remember waking from this dream, but I can still feel that sensation when the door bumped up against something next to the bedroom wall.

There was nothing visible in this dream, but it was absolutely terrifying!

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