Hope to Shed Some Possible Light on This

by Fern

I've been following the teachings of a man named David Icke. He has traveled the entire planet searching for spiritual beings and to learn more about the spirituality and meaning of life. I IMMEDIATELY recognized this story as he tells of many interviews with people who encounter various beings of this sort. He talks a lot about a race of "Reptilians" and mentions a second-hand encounter with a being, thought to be a related species, with completely black eyes that is said to exist in the second dimension, below this third dimension (chakras and spiritual energy study). The related story is as follows...

*"Alien" entities.
*This is classic spiritual and even Pagan study as these beings are said to have been the fallen angels which mated with women and bribed key future human power players with material to keep them in the third dimension as their servants.
*These beings are thought to be demonic.
*These lower dimensional beings feed on lower vibrational energy that is given off by humans during times of great fear or grief (ie war; it is thought that the Illuminati rulers exist today in the Unites States and centered in London among other places and strive for war and intend to keep human entities from ascending into the next fourth dimension, leaving them without energy to feed on.)
*They are said to have to power to enter and invade bodies, as you mentioned and are said to be an original source of current vampire theories as some are said to drink blood.
*It is said that when they are in a human in any way that you can see reptile like eyes (YouTube for suspect incidents).

Any thoughts, I'd love to hear. -FM

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