Horror Movie

by Em Z.

Ok, this is a story about how me and my friends were just a little too curious.

Here is how it starts. I love to tell stories and make movies. Even though I am only thirteen, I wanted to make a horror film. Since I had next to no money, I hired some of my actor friends. One day my brilliant, (sarcasm), mind said we should get authentic footage. As in, go to an actual haunted house and film real ghosts. Conveniently, there is a haunted house about a block from our set.

So me and my two main actresses walked up with our camera to the house. It was very eerie looking, broken windows, blinds half open, and it was a weird grey color. The house has had nobody live in it for forty+ years. But the same construction crew comes and renovates it once or twice a week. It still looks creepy.

Anyway, we got to the house and set up the camera trying to get a good angle. My actresses were adjusting their make-up when I heard a weird growling noise. I looked up at the house, suddenly getting a strange feeling. I can't see ghosts very often, but I know when one is near. I just shrugged it off and kept going with the film. We got about fifteen minutes of movie done when a guy came outside.

This creepy man who resembled a skeleton walked out of his shack. He looked kind of scared and pointed at us. He said that the house was evil, that it will get you if you don't leave. He then looked up at one of the windows wide eyed and ran back into his house. Needless to say we were scared by this, but continued with the movie nonetheless.

I kept having the feeling that I was being watched. Not all of us, just me. There was no wind at all outside, but it suddenly got very cold. I told my actresses we could take a break, so we sat on the front porch of the house, covered in glass and spider webs. Then one of my actresses wanted to see a ghost. So she started yelling for it to show itself. I attempted to shut her up, but it was too late. Not a minute later, the locked front door (we tried to open it earlier and it wouldn't budge) slammed open, smacking my arm in the process. I yelled out in shock and pain, it was already forming a bruise. The other smarter actress was already at the camera filming the scene. The rest if us jumped off the porch and stared at the door.

Remember that scene from Poltergeist? Where the door was opening and closing like there was no tomorrow? Well that was happening before our eyes. The growling was back but this time they heard it too. We started running back to base but continued filming as we ran.

When we got back, I immediately looked over the film. What was there shocked and scared us to the core.

Along with the psycho door, in the last frames of the video, you can see a black figure standing near the door watching us run away in terror. Then it just disappears.

Since then we have had about seven other experiences at the house, yes we still filmed there, but this one was best since we got it all on tape. The footage was used in the movie, but the people who saw it think it was just a trick. Guess I should have said based on a true story, huh?

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