Hovering Bed

by Aria

When I was little, I had a dream that the bed was floating in the air with me and my mom on it 'cause she was sleeping with me at the time and 'cause there were guests in our house and we left our bedroom and moved to this room 'cause they'd be more comfortable there as it was larger.

The room we now shifted to always gave me the creeps. Anyways, after the dream is over I am a little awake and I feel the bed settling to the ground. Being in a daze I don't give it a thought.
I get to know about it when a book of mine that was NEAR the bed gets suddenly UNDER the bed. The bed itself appears to be a little out of its place.

I tell my mom about it and like always she never believes me.

And I recently found out that I have advanced telekinetic abilities and have been using the all my life without knowing that it was possible or that the word TELEKINESIS even existed.

That room still gives me the creeps. Right now I'm sitting in that very room and writing this and am having very unusual malfunctions. But there is nowhere to go. This is my room. And I am currently having this feeling that something does not want me to write this article right now.

This, like all my other paranormal experiences has left me baffled.

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