How Can I Tell If I Have "The Gift"?

by chelsea lee
(Springfield, Oregon USA )

So when I was 15 my girlfriend and I were walking home from our city fair around 12pm. We decided to take a shorter way since we had to walk clear across town.

Anyway, we walked behind the Shelton McMurphy house - it is now a museum. We stopped and smoked a bowl of weed like teenagers do.

Well when I first looked up to see an old woman around 90 years old looking down at us. She was wearing a sea freak silk but net kind of material from the old days, her hair up tight on the sides but curl like rollers kind of look. We looked at each other and said something and we freaking ran. As we were running down its side Butte there was a man sitting in the middle of a pitch black forest in the late of the night and he was staring at us two.

Being very young and we also where/are two hot blondes we just ran severance even faster. By the time we finally hit a main road where we could have a little bit of street light we slowed down.

Another time I woke up to my voice being stolen. I screamed in my brother's face for what seemed to be at least 5 minutes or so it felt like. Then all of a sudden the scream finally exits from my lungs. It was like something was in me. And in the same house at the time my brother and me where the only ones who went to church or even believed (well I did. I don't know about my bro), but one night he starts screaming; he was 11, maybe 12, so I was 5 or 6. He screams "there are demons in my room!" and then my mom shuts my door but not before one slips in. Into my toy box at the end of my bed.

I'm begging for it to open. I was so scared. It was so dark and then my baby sister's dad started shooting his shot gun inside our house at wherever he thought he had seen them. Ever since then I've felt followed or possessed.

I have so many other encounters. What should I do to see if I'm carry something with me. Or do I have a gift but don't know how it all works - channeling my energy. Thanks for letting get this off my chest.

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