How I Am

by Jennifer Dukeman
(Aberdeen, Maryland)

So, lets say this, since I was way young (now 15) I've been able to do weird but small things. Tell the gender of a unborn child, have dreams about what my next house will look like, nightmares about the same things (some of which come true), People showing up in my dreams then in my life. I've never had any trouble with it and personally, it's nothing new in my family. Now let's start with my story.

My mother likes to use witchcraft, Wicca, she uses it all the time. I don't find anything wrong with my mother's life style since she never uses it for evil in the slightest. I won't say that I per say see ghost, but I kind of can. They have to have something to do with me, when I was little I saw my dead grandmother who died from cancer when my father was 19. I told him what she looked like and he cried about it. The main thing I see now is black shadows turning corners and shadow figures in door frames.

Me and my sisters, all five of them, were home alone. We decided we wanted to dance when the moon was completely up. So using our mothers skirts, we ran outside. We have a really pretty tree on the side of our home that we loved to dance around or climb. It didn't work out so well, about a half in hour in to it we started hearing things like men talking and things being dragged. It started to scare my youngest sister who was only 5 or so. So we went back in and played with her in there.

She randomly started staring in to a corner where we had candles lit for light. It was a bit before we noticed, but my other younger sister looked up there and screamed causing the rest of us to look. A boy was standing there covered in what looked to be blood. Now I'll tell you this, I don't care for Ghost all that much. They leave me alone I leave them alone. But it scared my little sister since then and likes to hide my things. He isn't a bad spirit but some how I thing he really likes to mess with us.

No matter how or what we say to our father, he doesn't listen so well and my mother just seems to bring more with her where ever she goes.

This wasn't a scary story, just something I thought I would say.

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