How Many Vampire Spells Are There?

Is there more than one spell to become a vampire?

Technically, there aren't any spells to become a vampire. The only way to become a vampire is through the transfer of blood-borne bacteria from a vampire to a human. However, this is a method that works in a somewhat similar method to a spell to become a vampire.

I assume that this is what you are referring to in your question. The Ode To The Vampire Mother is not a magic spell, but may very well have supernatural connections. It is a poem that is believed to have been used in the past as a prayer to Selene, the moonlight goddess. The purpose of the prayer seems to be to request the goddess's help in guiding a vampire to the location of the human making the request.

To answer your question (sort of), this is the only known spell/chant/prayer of this nature, though it is entirely possible that there are more and/or one can just plead to Selene on their own. Therefore, in my mind it is the best option for those who truly want to find themselves in the presence of a vampire.

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