Howl of the Werewolf: Part 1

by Gavin Nate

One night my friend Kyle and I were walking to the store alone together to get some dinner (and possibly a date.) When we got there the store was trashed, cans of food everywhere, cash ripped up and thrown everywhere; but the most horrifying sight was the blood and what was left of our friend Michael.

We ran home as fast as we could, not just out of sorrow, but out of fear of what could have ripped him to shreds like that. Michael used to be a pro athlete. He trained as hard as the coach let him. He was buff, that's why I can't tell what killed him.

When we got home, (we live in a Duplex house) we heard a loud bloodcurdling howl. Not from any animal I've heard. I love animals, but the howl sounded more human than animal.

The next day, I asked Kyle if he wanted to search the store for free food; as mischievous as we are, he said no. So I went alone.

For about an hour I searched and found nothing but torn clothing, and destroyed cans. Suddenly, I heard a low growl behind me. Naturally, I stood straight up with fear on my face, waiting for the death struggle. But, I waited a very long time before a hand clasped my shoulder and released me.

It was Michael!!! He was standing there watching me like he just got out of bed. I stared at him, watching, waiting for him to just disappear like a ghost, he didn't, instead he told me his revenge for what I did on Halloween. Kyle was in on it too. He was holding the video recorder in his hand and laughing.

I was shaking, and a little hungry. It was late that night we went to dinner. Now we are walking through the woods. They were teasing me about this morning. Then I started to feel dizzy. The next thing I knew I was on the ground, staring at Kyle and Michael. They were staring in shock as my ankle started to bleed... see Part 2

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