Howling at Night

by Wyatt
(Northwest Ohio)

The night I found this website, a few days ago, (It's December 20, 2011) a strange feeling took over me. It was as if all of the negative energy in the world had concentrated into fear and slashed its way into my chest.

Raised Christian, though truly agnostic, I prayed. That this feeling might go away, that I could forget. I prayed that if what had frightened me was true, I would see or hear a sign.

I opened my eyes and instantly heard howling. Vicious howling. Not a dog or a coyote. Not even a wolf! The howling lasted for a full minute before I finally got up. I sat in the living room with my grandparents, afraid.

When I walked back into my room, I saw a man, about six feet tall and slim. He was wearing all black and seemed to be staring at me from the street, into my window. I had been in the process of turning to hit the light switch.

I looked to the spot he was standing and he had vanished. I wasn't wearing my ring, which is silver and black onyx. It's now in the box it came in, and I never put it there.

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