Hunter By Birth

by No one

I guess I would have to go back my childhood. Strange things always seemed to happen to me, but mostly I would hear my name called at night. Always scared the heck outta me!!! When I was 17 my whole family started to die all around me. It was a man I bumped into on the Chicago el train that informed of what had been happening to me. He scared the hell outta me when he told me that I was a born hunter and that I didn't know it but he did. I brushed him off and being 17 and scared went out and got high. It had been a ruff year and that was were I had turned.

Over the next week I continued to see this guy like he was following me. After seeing him a few more times I confronted him. He informed me that he had been watching much longer than I was aware of and that he was commissioned with reaching me before they did. He did!!! Some days I wish he wouldn't have!!!

So being 17 raised Catholic and having nothing left to loose and nowhere to go I choose to hear him out!!! He informed me that I had been sent by heaven to even out the world and that it was his job to teach me what I needed. I am now 38. I have been fighting demons for more than 20 years and have sent many back to the chambers of Hell!!! At this point I drink way to much and sleep far to little. I'm tired of fighting but I know I can not stop not yet. I want to turn my back on the world as I see more and more young people obsessed with occult and demons.


I'm losing and I can't keep up!!!! The world is being over run because humans welcome these monsters into this plane and then ask them for favors not knowing the price they will pay. I'm only 38 and I so want to retire from this life and do something normal. I have no one. I have nothing. I am nowhere.

The church will tell you people like me do not exist. They have to!!! But they are the ones who pay me to continue my work as they no its importance!!! Please help me. I'm a tired drunk demon fighter and ready to give in!!! Now that's a scary thought!!!

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