Hurting Neck

by Erica
(United States of America, Lexington)

Ok so, I'm 10 and I believe to be bitten by a vampire or what! I told my friend this "Ghost" is my friend, its true. Bloody Mary's my friend. I said she bit me and all of a sudden my neck starting hurting like crazy. I looked in the mirror and it's red! No marks! Well, I'm thinking omg! I asked Mary if she bit me and I think I heard a slight yes.

And next day I'm really sensitive to the sun, my skin turns into a sunburn in like a couple min. My friend, Julie said ouch when I bit her neck. She said it hurt. And I starting tasting blood in my mouth while I was sucking on her neck. She had no bite marks!!!

My skin's kinda pale too! IDK if I'm a vampire or not but Julie believes me! And when i look at red, i start to feel thirsty. What is it?????

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