I Am a Female Demon Exiled To Your World

by Forbidden

Be careful what you wish for.

Be careful what you wish for.

I was exiled for treason I did not commit to your world given a human form. I was/am a servant to my Lord Prince. He convinced the counsel of my innocence and escaped execution. My Lord has watched over me and guided me since I was very young. He came to me often while sleeping and we would talk, mostly I was just listening. We spoke a language too ancient for you to grasp or understand. We also made love frequently. My husband here in this world has witnessed many of these incidents and calls me the Devil's Concubine.

They believe I am ready for the ceremony so I can return home to see my son again. I also can not die but I do age since I reside in a human mortal body. I have tested many times to find out if I can kill myself. I am not suicidal at all. Yes, now there is no doubt I can not die. There are witnesses so to prove this is so. Even documents from doctors whom are stumped for words or explanation.

Yes people we Demons do exist and we are not all evil and soul suckers. But be warned, most Demons see humans as mere cattle and lowlife scum. I however do not. I believe all worlds have something to give and you are still so young and evolving much to slow. You analyze everything and fall down the rabbit hole forever lost. Simplest answer is usually always the correct one.

My name is forbidden for you to know, hear or speak.

I am middle age now but look about 25 y.o.

I also never get sick.

Medicine has no effect on me.

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