I Am He

by Noel

I really do not know where to begin. For the simple reason there is no end. It began in 1996 when I was playing a 7's rugby tournament. There was a girl there, who after the tournament had ended, I encountered and as I looked at her all I could see was the body of a serpent coiled around her legs and it had a face, a round white face with black piercing eyes, its face was quite pretty in a strange way.

What is strange is I never looked at the face because I immediately turned my head to the ground, but its face somehow imprinted itself in my psyche. I began a relationship with this girl and from the outset it, no, she abused my character in every manner sinfully possible. After ten years of dreadful disrespect I finally snapped but managed to contain the anger that simmered in my soul.

One night as she was out clubbing and I was in bed... I was visited by a diminutive old lady, I believe I cannot honestly say it was not this sleep paralysis the boffins speak about, but truthfully I have to say I looked at her and she spoke to my soul not my mind. Please if I believed I was schizophrenic I would seek help, that is the person I am. As I lay there looking at her she became younger and her white hair became a lustrous golden. She spoke to my soul and asked if she may enter. I was afraid and just looked but this spirit or whatever, helped me and prevented me from committing the most heinous of crimes.

I was ill for three weeks and am writing a book. The words that enter my mind I can only describe as incredible, as where my thoughts are leading me is Marseille or a Provence very close. I am researching every paragraph, whatever is guiding me is only helping me as there is another problem I am attempting to resolve.

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