I Am Maximus?

by Cameron

One day around a month ago, I fell asleep and I had this beautiful dream... What happened was:

The scenery: A gravel(the small kind) trail and a line of trees at the side with the sunset. The girl was standing there and I had this wonderful feeling and I just like glowed white and ran really fast and we had hats on and I screamed "My spirit name is Maximus!" and I twirled when I jumped in the air then landed, smiling.

Other parts were like Alice (my cat) was walking with us and she was supposed to be the enemies' pet but she was with us and like certain parts there was a dying fire, like the black part with outlined reddish-orange and she would lay in the fire and I'd push her with my foot to make her keep going.

There was this girl too and I didn't know who she was but she appeared to be my friend. The girl had light brown hair, it was curled and down a little past her shoulders, she was shorter than me and had a floral shirt with light brown shorts. After I woke up I felt so wonderful like my body felt at peace.

Can someone explain what happened or what it was supposed to mean?

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