I Came Here For Answers And Help

by ellochaps

Hey guys, this isn't an experience, it's more of me needing answers to help my friend.

Well about 2 months ago I went on a trip to visit my best friend in another state. She had just moved to DE and wanted me to see her new home. Now she was COMPLETELY normal when I had visited. Nothing was unusual about her at all. However, I left and continued my trip on down to visit my grandparents before I went home.

I left DE only 4 days total when I got this call from my best friends husband, telling me she'd gone "off the rocker" and that she was on her way to the hospital... to the psyche ward...

Now, I've known this girl since we were children... and she was ALWAYS a very straight forward, logical, SANE person... very popular, she had lots of friends and was a party girl...

I quickly get home asap because her hubby decided to get her back by her family... and when I saw her, she was NOT the person I'd seen only 6 days prior. She literally looked like she belonged in a psych ward. She had these huge dark circles under her eyes, apparently she hadn't slept in a week... she was thin... like 15-20 lbs lighter thin. And she wouldn't stop staring into space with a vacant expression, and mumbling words under her breath.... at one point she even walked around in a circle for 10 minutes straight.... just mumbling to herself, and that vacant expression!

I tried talking to her, everybody tried, but it was like she wasn't in her body. Like she was on autopilot and even if she heard you it didn't click in her head the words you were saying...

I am scared of what the hell is happening with my best friend. I've known her, like I said, since we were young children... we spent everyday together until she moved to DE. She was only there for 8 months!

Now, I am wondering if she is possessed. I'm not kidding on that. Some of the mumbling she was doing was somewhat audible. Like I asked her a question and she looked at an empty corner and whispered "tell her, tell her, tell her."
It's creepy. And the energy feels creepy. I just need some advice and possibility of what this is... even the doctors are puzzled. They don't know what to make of this and neither do we or her family. Her husband is scared to death of losing her, we all are.

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