I Can't Get Rid Of It!

First off I have written a couple of stories, they're not just stories there based on real events. In 2009, I met a guy we started dating. A few weeks later he just moved himself in. After two months he just ended up living with me. Now I've always seen and heard things, but I never had paranormal things happen to me. Soon as he moved in, things started happening.

Like when we went out my lights would be on and if I left them on they'd be off. My TV would change channels on its own, so I changed the batteries with brand new ones and it still did it. My lights would flicker all the time, but there was nothing wrong with the electricity. So we moved from there after a year. I lived in there for 2 years before he moved in and everything was fine.

So about a year later I found a new apartment, it was bigger. No more than a week later of moving in things just started happening. The same thing that happened at the other apartment, but now I'm hearing scratching in the walls and pictures just falling not downwards but outwards. I started hearing noises coming from our closet, I'm seeing these shadows with no shape and hearing tapping on the bed frame only on my side, and when I would lift my head off the pillow it would stop.

This went on whether he was there or not. Every time he left and came back it was worse. This went on for 4 years in the new apartment. We broke up last year (2013), but things didn't stop when he left, it got even worse. Something tried to crush my nose. I was fiddling with my phone in bed and I felt a sharp pain in my nose so I just ignored it, less than a minute later I yelled and jumped up from my bed. It felt like something was crushing my nose. I put my hands to my face to see if it was bleeding cause I felt blood, but I wasn't bleeding. So when I wake up in the morning, my nose still feels like its bleeding so I get a tissue and I blow it, I look at the tissue and there's a blood clot and my nose starts bleeding, not a lot.

Every night something happened. I know this sounds weird, but things were going in reverse. Instead of my curtains blowing back and forth they were swaying sideways, then there was a wet spot in the living room. It got bigger everyday. It wasn't leaking down it was leaking upwards. And with my curtains my windows were closed, and I would wake up with bruises on my body. I didn't notice right away.

So to the point, I called a priest to come bless my house. He comes, blesses my apartment, and things were great. This was right after Easter of 2013. So about three weeks ago I start hearing noises again, so I do what the priest told me to do. I read the special prayers he gave me to read and threw holy water around my house and salt around the window sills, and I ignored it.

So I think it was maybe February 15, 2014. I wake up and my freezer door is open so I ignore it. Then about 3 nights ago I had just shut off the antenna and TV. I turn around and it's back on. Then yesterday I had gone out to the store to get something to make for dinner. I come home, I go in the kitchen, then I noticed one of the burner tops is missing so I'm like looking around for it. So I checked the other burner on the left side and it was on top of that one. So I'm a little nervous so I asked my ex if he had done it. First he says 'yes' then I start yelling at him saying it wasn't funny. Then he's like I'm just kidding. So I'm like swear on your mom's life, I know that was wrong, but he swears on his mother's life he didn't do it.

I immediately called the church to talk to the priest who blessed my apartment, and to my surprise the priest I was calling picked up the phone. I immediately told him my problems because I told him last week when I was at church about the noises coming back but louder this time. He asked if I had anyone come to my home I said "yes". He asked if I played the Ouija board, I told him yes when I was younger, but he meant if I played recently. I told him "no". So I asked if they had an extra Bible and he gave me one. This is after the mass. He had me do confession. So back to the phone...

I told him it was definitely back and it's worse now, and I told him the blessing didn't work. He told me to ignore it, which I did, and I told him the more I ignore it then the activity gets worse. He told me to show no fear and to yell at it to leave me alone and leave in the name of "JESUS CHRIST". He said he couldn't really help in my case cause he doesn't know much about it. So he asked me if it was okay to give my number to a person who might be able to help me. He said she would know more about it, and this was February 25,2014. I said "yes". He told me call this Friday.

And it did it again today. I shut my bedroom light off and when I turn around it's back on. It won't leave what or who ever it is.

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