I Dated This Guy...

I dated this guy I met who is actually still in this band that plays rock n roll. I love rock, but sometimes it can attract the wrong energy.

After spending a few nights with him and having some crazy conversations with him in his sleep (a totally wild and crazy different story) he knew I caught on to who he was and we parted ways.

I started going to church every Sunday for the next 2 years straight!! I take communion every time.

Anyways, after we dated and I moved on, I would go see his band play. Later I would go up to the table he was sitting at and his eyes were all black!!! Total confirmation he is dark. It creeped me out, but I kept my composure. It was like he was daring me, he wanted me to see it. I wondered if he really knew this demon was in him and he was showing it off, or he was possessed, how do I find out?

I was sick for months and had very bad luck. It took some time for all the church visits and my true relationship with Jesus Christ to save and cleanse me. I am sad, I liked the guy, but my soul is worth much much more. I pray for his soul.

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