I Will Never Understand. WHY?

by paul serrano
(New Jersey)

I have to say even now looking back I wonder if it actually happened - I know it did however when you revisit incidents from your child, you begin to question your own memories. However as I searched my recollected thoughts, I recall so many instances where I struggled to understand what happened. I know it was real..

It was a TV commercial. I know, big deal? However it terrified me because I know I dreamed it BEFORE I ever saw it. It was a movie commercial, for a low budget horror film that came out in the 70's called "It's Alive!" I'm sure those who are horror buffs remember it; I've never seen the film, specifically because of my experience.

I dreamed that I saw a baby stroller, one of those old fashioned prams, turning slowly. As it rotated, and the other, hidden side became revealed, a monstrous deformed hand could be seen dangling from the side, with a misty fog emanating from the carriage. Then the words, It's Alive! flashed in front of the image.

I woke up, my heart pounding and REALLY disturbed. It made no sense to me. Several hours later, I'm watching our old radiation king black and white TV, and sure enough, the EXACT same image, a baby's pram turning slowly, flashed on the screen. I got up and RAN out of the room, I'll never forget. My heart was pounding, and I was genuinely scared.

It was perhaps the next day that I was visiting my grandmothers house, watching TV. Of course, the same commercial began; this time I steeled myself and decided I'd watch this thing and see if I was nuts. Sure enough, it was EXACTLY THE SAME AS MY DREAM VISION, except this time there was a voice over. Sure enough, the very words, It's Alive! flashed on the screen. It was all I could do not to run out of the house screaming.

To this day I have NO idea what the point of my having this vision of a B horror movie, which seemingly had no value in my life (at least so far). All I know is I've lived my life as a very skeptic, yet I cannot ever deny this strange experience.

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