I Wish It Was A Nightmare

by John
(Iowa, USA )

This story still scares me. (Also I apologize if I give to much detail)

Well it was when I got into middle school (2005-7) we moved to a new farm. It was huge! We had two barns, three silos, a long shed, chicken coop, pig shed, and three wells. Once we got there it was great. We explored and what was strange is that there were a lot of things left behind. My brother and I just saw this as a jack pot.

The house was big - two stories with a basement full of old stuff. Well over the time of living there unfortunate things would happen we just put off as life. Noises in the night but it was an old house. Gradually, though, the mood of our family was getting sour.

It wasn't till my eldest sister moved down stairs I got the room. Sadly the room was pink and it smelled weird. It had a 3' by 6' path to the front window. The ceiling was slanted with the roof, but the room was fair, and the closet was a narrow dark corridor never messed with.

Well one night my friend came over and we were watching South Park when we heard a bang from the closet. So me and a buddy checked it out. BB guns at the ready, we entered. It was dark so we hit the push button light switch and it didn't really help. It was cold and full of really old clothes. We heard a bump and went no further.

Some time later, I'm not certain of the date, but it happened. I went to bed angry, I cant remember why anymore, but suddenly I awoke. I had no clue why so I looked around and rolled over. Then suddenly the hangers in my closet started falling or spinning and hitting the wall. It was a horrible sound. I felt the only thing I could do was cover up past my head.

Out of nowhere I felt a tug on my covers so of course I pulled back. Only to have it ripped from my hand by nothing! I looked down and pure fear and paralysis ran through me. A dark thing really tall and with no certain form was at the end of my bed. It was like a shadow of a man peering into me. In my mind I was screaming for help but no words came out.

This lasted around five minutes. So in my mind I asked what it wanted, it only moved away and stayed by the door. As if showing me I needed to leave. Somehow I got the courage and leaped from my bed and ran for the door. Swung it open and ran to my mom.

We moved not too long after but I never slept up there again. She always told me it was a nightmare and that was it. Its been around seven years since then and I still haven't been as scared and hopeless as I was then.

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