I Woke Up...

by Cristina Louise
(Yuma, Arizona U.S.)

I'm 14 right now and this happened when I was about 12. I happily went to bed this night and I had just gotten home from a birthday party. Well I went to bed about 1am and I dreamed heavenly.

Usually I get broken sleep, but I didn't. I dreamt about me being in this school or what seemed like a big school. Endless hallways. Really dark. It was just me and my friend. In real life I don't know her but I guess in my dream I did.

We were playing Hide and Seek when this random guy with a hoodie on stares at me and says, "FOUND YOU!" I run and before I could get away, he tripped me and my friend slowly came to me and she just froze there. She was gone the next moment and I screamed and kicked his face. I managed to get away.

I could see my running feet below me as I turned sharp corners, trying to find my way out of this maze of a school. The colours around me were red and white.

Suddenly, the man who tripped me and said "found you" stared right into my eyes and he kissed me and I was trying to get away. Shoving my hands in his eyes he grabbed me and he slapped me. My face stung. I screamed for help but nobody was there. I guess it was after hours. I squirmed to get away and took a crawl and before I could hop up on my feet, he kissed me this time I didn't resist because I noticed it was my friend Ben.

Ben is one year older then me and I have known him since I was 4. I still like him a lot, but he doesn't. Next thing were on the floor and he starts to get grabby and I open my eyes and I notice, it's the guy again. Not Ben.

He starts by touching me and he orders me to take my shirt off. I said no. He slapped me and he said do it or else and I took my shirt off. I could see him stare at my breasts in their Victoria Secret place. He says, "Damn, you sure have nice ones for a year 12." I just was like, "Thanks."

He took me by the waist and I stood up and I wanted to run but I knew what he would do to me. So I didn't try. I gave up at that moment when he complimented my breasts. I just gave up. I knew my friend wasn't going to show up. I knew how it was just me and him. I knew where I wouldn't go. I had nowhere. So why the hell not.

I didn't want to die either. So as he ordered me to strip down and take my shorts off, I knew he was going too far. I said, "NO!" I slapped him and he slapped me harder. I rubbed my face and the sting was there. I did as I was told. He says, "And the undies." I wanted to just run, and get help, but I couldn't bring myself to believe that. I knew there was no hope. I did as I was told, again.

As I unzip my favourite Hollister shorts, I come across what I remembered what I had in my pocket, a pocket knife. I decided to not use it on him. I knew what my consequences were. I slowly take my undies off and come clean with my smooth shaved and clean private area. He is just stunned by the beauty.

I snap out of it. I go, "What's next?" He unexpectedly stands up and walks away... I stand up and I go, "Hey you know if you're just going to..." He then kisses me but it was more intense. Firm. He starts getting his hands and starts taking my bra off. I look up to tell him, "Your psycho" But when I look up, It's Ben.

I let him take my bra off. Then the physical tension rises. He starts holding me with force. Marking my arms red where he grabbed them with such pressure and force behind it. I notice it's the guy and at this point I can't move. I was like in the moment. All I could do was just stare at what I was seeing. Him getting his yeah out and he was slowly sticking it in me. I did not enjoy this one bit. But I could see the joy in his eyes. The fear in mine.

He got a knife out and I decided to reach for my shorts, but I couldn't move. He started getting his sharp edge blade next to my gentle skin. It started to tingle, but it was stinging so bad. I could actually feel him getting his pocketknife and gently putting the edge, the sharpest tip, and run it across my stomach. I wanted to get away but I couldn't move.

Out of nowhere he looks down at me and it's Ben and he whispers, "You'll wake up and see..." I noticed I could move and I barely stood when my friend was staring at me. She pointed behind me and as I turned I woke up.

The clock read 3:13am (creepy cause that's my birthday) I woke up with this loud bang at my door. I opened my eyes to find my door open and without anything, I lay in the dark in my bed. A very sharp pain went straight to my stomach. A cold draft went across my body. I noticed I was nude!! In real life!

I woke up with sharp pains and tingly feelings on my stomach and well I turned on my light just above my bed and THERE WAS LITTLE CUTS ON MY STOMACH! I wasn't bleeding, but they were there! Fresh but, not bleeding. Like little paper cuts! I never found out where my friend had gone. I still remember her face though. But yeah! It was soooo weird! I got dressed of course and my pj-s were on the ground next to my bed! (I only wore a tank top and some shorts.) Chyeah! It's scary and weird.

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