Illinios Scare

by garrett snyder
(eustis florida usa)

So my parents go up to Illinios and take me when I was like 1 or 2, a baby, and my parents went to visit our relatives and we went to my cousin Sara's house. My parents left me there with my uncle and Lisa, my uncles friend. I was sleeping and Lisa came to check up on me and heard voices and thought I was just babbling but when she came in I was asleep and she heard another voice, but my uncle was gone and I was asleep. She called my uncle and when he showed up she ran out of the house and wouldn't come back unless someone else was there.

The haunting continued when my cousin Sara had a slumber party with her and a few of her friends. Her friend looked out and saw the shape of a person. She told my cousin she saw it too and when she looked at it it just vanished out of thin air; just disappeared. It continued and it went as far as to leave a slap mark on my aunt and draw blood on my uncle. It even touched me.

I was up there for youth hunting season with my dad. I stayed over at my cousin's house and when I woke up at like 6:00 am I was playing a game on my iPod and I heard a voice. When I turned around no one was there. When I said hello I heard another voice. When I told it it didn't scare me like I read online I felt something grab my arm and my arm got very cold. That was the only thing that happened to me it still continues to today.

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