Imaginary Friend or Not?

by Karma

When I was little I had an 'imaginary' friend, her name was Jane. I was very young when I first saw her and her name was one of the first I ever said (my mum explained this to me) even though I had never heard the name before.

Now here comes the weird part. My mum's Aunty was named Jane, I never met her because she passed away before I were born. My mum said that the descriptions I gave her of Jane when I was little described Aunty Jane thoroughly.

Now here comes the weirder part. I can't remember if Aunty Jane passed away before mum was born or when she was little but mum never had met Jane before, and she used to see 'imaginary' Jane when she was young as well, same descriptions. We've come to the conclusion it had to be her ghost.

I often see now things/people out of the corner of my eye but when I turn around no-ones there. Even when I ask people around me if they saw them, they say no. Sometimes I see passed away family members or just strangers that I've never seen before. Once I notice them they usually disappear almost straight away.

Also, once I lived in a house I know has to be haunted. Doors used to slam shut and open, things used to fall off tables, taps used to turn on and off. We even got a plumber to come at one stage, they didn't do anything while the plumber was there but they did when he left. I used to see things often at that house. We're aren't there anymore, the ghost (which we believe it is) didn't follow us. Maybe it was just mischievous, it never tried to hurt us or anything. Maybe it used to live there when it was alive. It obviously hadn't crossed over.

I've got a few more things to add but I think I'm gonna run out of "characters" so I'll write another. But, I don't think it's just a coincidence or anything. I'm only 13 so yes, it does sometimes freak me out. And I'm not crazy, so don't say I need to see someone because I simply don't.

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