Imaginary Friend?

by marty
(Alabama )

When I was very young starting at 6 I had an imaginary (or so called imaginary) friend.

At the time we talked and played and I never thought anything of it and I never caught his name. He was a little boy with short brown hair down to his eyes like a bowl cut. He wore brown pants and shoes with white socks and button up shirt. He told me things were going to happen like the tragedies of my town. He also started visiting my dreams and told me a man was gonna die by drowning.

The next morning I told my mom of the dream. She went and got a paper and the headlines read "man dies in bath tub by wife drowning him". He kept on visiting my dreams up until 2001 right before the crashes of 9/11. I had dreams of planes crashing into buildings and people on fire. I woke up thinking nothing of it a few hours later across the news the 9/11 attacks were in progress.

I continually see the boy throughout my daily life but he has not visited my dreams since. Believe me or not? I know what I experienced and saw. I do believe he was never alive. Can someone please tell me what he is or any info on what could be possibly going on?

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