Imaginary Friend

by Jamie
(Bethesda, Maryland)

When I was in preschool I had a friend named Sara. I don't remember ever being her friend, but my mom says that she remembers her being my friend. For elementary school, we departed our separate ways, going to different schools. I don't remember having an imaginary friend right away, not until third grade when I started playing this thing called "fairy school" with my younger sister (by five years).

We wanted an extra character in the school, (we played on the trampoline) so I came up with a girl named Sara. She had blonde hair, wasn't as tall as me, but pretty slim too, not as slim as me (I've always been kinda underweight and its been a problem for a long time) but yeah, she was pretty cool. At first, this person was just for when I hung out with my younger sister, but soon the character became more vivid, and I started talking to it all alone in my room. My older sister would catch me talking to myself, but would never say anything knowing how embarrassed I was being caught.

But then, in seventh grade, I met Sara again. Sara, the girl from my elementary school, I found her and we became friends again. It was awesome, but weird getting used to a real friend named Sara, and not having her be imaginary. Imaginary Sara then left, and three guys, I'm uncertain of their names, soon came. I don't know how to describe them either, as I never had a description of them, but I'd always talk to them.

I feel like this isn't paranormal, that that was a coincidence. But I also feel like that this is something psychotic, not paranormal. But I do it because I don't really have any friends. Its scary because my imaginary friends always become the real ones. It wasn't just Sara, there's been others, I just didn't put them down. Anyone else have this happen?

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