by Sammy

I was at school in study hall when my friend Bata walk in she didn't look like herself. I ask her if she was alright she said she was & told me to come to her house after school & we can study for the end of semester exams. So we walked to her house after school & I had a very bad feeling when we got in the house. She locked the door behind her. She had a really evil look on her face.

I ran upstairs screaming & I locked the bathroom door behind me. I got out my cell phone, but it had no service at all. I heard banging on the door. I got my nail filer out of my purse. The door busted down. She grabbed me by my neck & lifted me then I remembered reading in a book that I have to put a cross on the skin if an impure spirit attacks. I always wear a cross necklace so I ripped my necklace off & put it on Bata's hand. When I did that I ran downstairs got a Bible, ran back upstairs & pray. Bata was back to normal in a mater of minutes.

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