by Haillie McCafferty
(Greenock )

There was a mentally troubled young girl called Rebecca and she was out shopping with her mother when some thing shiny caught her eye - it was a dream catcher. She asked her mother if she could get it. Her mother said "yes but only if you take good care of it".

Rebecca ran over to it and bought it, but the shop keeper said "I must warn you it doesn't work. It's fake" but Rebecca didn't believe the man so she bought it anyway she thought it would get rid of her nightmares she had been having over the past few weeks, but she was wrong.

When she was walking home with her mother she was outside her house and she saw a dark figure standing at her bedroom window like the one in the dream she had the night before, but she thought that she would have no more nightmares because she had bought the dream catcher.

She was wrong. She kept seeing a dark figure and every day it got closer and closer and closer and every day she got more insane so she eventually told her mum but she did not believe her because she always plays jokes on her mum. Except this time she was not joking.

A few days went by and her mother got so annoyed of Rebecca saying the man is here the man is here to kill, her mother ran into the kitchen, got a butchers knife, and slit her daughter's throat. When she realised what she had done she packed her bags and ran.

A month later her mother had found a lovely home and married again but she had never forgotten about the 25th of June when she murdered her own daughter.

It was her husband's birthday on the 24th of July so she was looking through a box of old stuff to see if here was a present she could give him when she found a letter that Rebecca had written when she was 5 years old. It said "on the 25th of July I will be here to collect my presents even when I die".

Rebecca's mother remembered it was the 25th of July in three days. She ran to the attic and grabbed Rebecca's dream catcher and placed it in the living room.

It was the 25th of July. Rebecca's mother was sitting in the living room waiting when she heard someone calling her name. She looked up and it was Rebecca...

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