Is It Waiting For Me?

by Fraser Bell
(Annan, Dumfries and Galloway, UK)

I recently found this website (for summoning Demons in all honesty) and went straight for the summoning spell. I gave a short invite (something like "I invite any Demon into my room, freely enter as you wish") and soon my 14 year old mind began to warp the walls of my room as it always did when I started to stare at them. I saw a shape, about 5' 7" tall standing there, thinking it was the demon I began to panic in all honesty.

But my childish curiosity into the supernatural did not stop there. I put my eyes back to my iPod and read about Vampires and how to become one. I read aloud the poem/prayer twice in both languages. My spine started to tingle and my bed got insanely hot. I swear this is starting to stack up.

I've always been slightly paranoid of dark rooms, like something will run out and get me when I turn my back, same with windows. Even as I write this I can't help but feel eyes staring at me.
Still, the night was not over and I was far from going to sleep (despite it being 3am and a school night). I heard footsteps, then the room above me cracked with (what I hoped) was temperature change.

So now I'm sitting in my room bricking it because I may well have summoned a Demon and a Vampire into my room and maybe pissed off the Ghosts of the 2 railway workers that died like 20m from my house a few decades ago.

Now, this is not only a story of how I may well have screwed myself over, it's also a question for everyone who read through the whole story (Congrats by the way)

After reading aloud the poem to Selene have anyone of you been bitten by a Vampire? The only reason I want to know is I summoned the Vampire intentionally since I thought it would be much better to live forever, to see Humanity stretch across the stars and beyond. Plus, I wish to spread this to two other friends (also fans of vampires, one is a Twilight fan though so that'll be a bit weird. She knows that if it works we burn to death in the sun, no sparkles) Still, anything would be useful.

Thanks guys

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