Is My Friend's House Haunted?

by bella
(katy ,tx.)

I was visiting my old home town where I met up with my friend that I haven't seen for a while. I went to her grandma's house. She showed me around but I felt a cold presence - a feeling like her house didn't want me.

Her brother who is 5 years older than us told us ghost stories. He told us how his grandpa died in that house; the house I was staying the night at. My heart skipped about 13 beats. I swallowed very heavily. Time passed. As the night drew out I wanted to go home so bad. Her grandma said it was nighttime. I was glad I could go home that very next day but terrified what might happen that night.

Me and my friend talked that night until I heard noises, creepy noises. We paused and looked around. I felt that presence later, the same one that I felt earlier. My friend squeezed my hand. WE new who it was and were it was. We were terrified.

That's probably the only way to describe it. We stayed up so late that the sun rose by the time we fell asleep. I will always remember that experience every time I hear the word die, ghost or paranormal.

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