Is Reading About Vampires Dangerous?

by Naaz khan
(india,delhi,new delhi)

My mom showed me an article which said we become vampire, wizards as we read about them. Is it true?

The simple answer is No. You don't become a vampire, wizard, or any other creature by reading about them, but there is an interesting and important caveat to this statement.

I'm guessing that the intent of the article was to alert you to dangers in reading about evil or demonic forces. In some ways, this can indeed be dangerous. Those who have read the section of this website on demons know that I'm not too fond of talking about them. I keep a safe distance from the topic because getting heavily involved in studies of demonology or spirit summoning can indeed be dangerous if not taken seriously or with precaution.

That said, notice that I still talk constantly about all sorts of spirits and creatures. If it were truly dangerous just to talk, read, or write about them then I guess I would be setting myself up for some serious hard times just by running this website.

The truth, then, is somewhere in the middle. If we take a somewhat "scholarly" approach to the topics I don't believe they can do you any harm. Also, reading novels like Twilight or Harry Potter does no harm whatsoever. It's just entertainment. I would suggest, however, not to go read demon summoning spells or occult writings unless you want to attract those sorts of energies to you. What matters most is intention. I suggest not getting involved too heavily in what is "real or not real", but instead focusing on mythology in general in an "interested but detached" way.

Hope that helps.


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