It Was Definitely Not a Dream!!!

by Pranali
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)

Well, it's neither a scary story nor was it a weird dream. But I would like to know from people what a kind of experience it could have been. Had it been a dream I would have remembered when I had it, though not the exact day, what phase of life I had it as to in my childhood or my school/college days.

Anyway, I am 23 now, living in Mumbai, India. We are a family of four. My mom, dad, an elder brother and me. I remember well that, when I had this experience my body was as light as air. And carrying this air-like body I floated towards my then home and stopped at the bedroom door to find my own mother having a baby on her lap and breast feeding it sitting on the bed. She looked about my present age (23 to 25) and the baby on her lap was around 4 to 5 months old.

I was looking at both of them standing right in the bedroom door. But my mom didn't seem to acknowledge my presence as though I was invisible. I could sense the atmosphere in the bedroom to be quite pleasant and sacred. The entire scene was so pleasant that a faint smile crept over my face. And I believe the smile did have some meaning, but now I really don't know why I smiled then. I stood there smiling for a few seconds and then again went away floating out of the house. I don't remember now where I went.

Now, what looks like the real brain teaser in this entire thing is who on earth was the baby lying on her lap?? It can't be me.. Quite obvious.. But it can't be my brother too.. Because how come I can see a 4 month old brother being breast fed by my mom since he is 3 years older than me?? Quite impossible..

The experience was so vivid, so real looking as if it was happening right in front of my eyes. And I definitely won't call it a dream. I have thought over this experience several times to find no explanation.

Another important fact is the structure of our bedroom was was changed after I was born. and one day while talking to my mom she told me that. "The bed was not here where it is now after your birth. It was to the other side." To my shock the place she pointed out to be the older place of the bed was exactly the same I had seen in the "mom and baby" scene.

Mom also told me once that, I was born out of Mannat (Mannat is a vow taken by a person in return of which he/she prays to God to fulfill his/her wish). So a Mannat was taken by my Dad when my mom was expecting me and my aunt was expecting my cousin (who is about my age only). So according to the Mannat, my Dad prayed to God to bless him with a girl child and at the same time wished my uncle and aunt to have a male child as they already had three daughters. And God fulfilled the Mannat by blessing both the families with girl child (to my parents) and a male child (to my uncle and aunt). Do you think this thing can be any way linked to my weird experience??

I told it once to one of my childhood friends. We are very close to each other. Hearing to entire story, she said "You must have visited your home before your birth and the baby on your mom's lap was nobody else but your elder brother." But the very next moment I found her laughing aloud as if she was joking. For a moment I felt like believing her but then seeing her laughing I got confused...

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