It Watches and It Will Never Leave

by Connor

When I was 10, my mother died and I moved in with my dad in North Carolina. Anyways it was the summer of 2003 and he lived in this really small town. When we got to the house I was supposed to be living in for the rest of my childhood, I could just tell for once things were going to finally start going well for me. And for the first time in the weeks since moms death I felt happy.

I was happy for a week after moving in. But then things started to seem weird to me. It wasn't stuff my dad hadn't already warned me about though like the floors creaking at night or things like that. It was the fact that some of my stuff would go missing. I would find all of those things again where I left it, sure, but the fact that when I checked in that very spot say 5 minutes prior it wouldn't be there. It was the fact that they would always have tears in them when they reappeared that seemed weird to me.

About a month went by and eventually that stopped. Things went back to the way they had been when I first got there. Then the night after I turned 11 my dad had to work late to make up for skipping work for my birthday. So I was up,watching the t.v. when something slammed against the front door downstairs. I looked at the was 10:49 at night. I thought to myself "I thought he said he would be home at 12 o'clock." So I figured he had somehow finished early and ran downstairs to greet him...nothing.

He wasn't there. In fact the door was completely locked still. So I turned to go back upstairs when I saw something in the corner of my eye, it wasn't very big, but it was a shadow that moved quickly through the kitchen. Now our kitchen has 2 doorways, one beside the front door and one leading back to dad's storage room which connects back to the front door beside the stairway. I ran upstairs and closed my door. I hid under my covers holding my flashlight. Somehow I thought that would save me.

Minutes ticked by...nothing happened. I got out of bed and checked under my door. Nobody there. I unlocked it and slowly peaked out nothing still.

I opened the door and grabbed my BB gun. I walked slowly down the stairs after checking around the corner to make sure no one was there. I had gotten a really bad feeling of not only fear but dread. I walked into the kitchen and pressed my back against the wall that separated the kitchen from the back hallway. I peeked around the corner and saw something staring my direction. I jerked my head back and held in a shout of fear. I was trembling. I looked around the corner it was gone. This scared me more than something being there to begin with. Namely because what I saw had claws instead of fingers and had glowing red eyes. And it had a tail.

I quickly looked around and heard glass shatter in dads storage room.

"Somebody help me," I thought, "Its in there."

I took a deep breath. I tiptoed towards where we kept the cordless phone. But when I reached to grab it I remembered something that I wished I had remembered earlier. I left the phone upstairs in my room.

I was starting to turn around when I felt like something was in the room with me. I heard something scratch against the doorways to the back hallway. I ran, and I could hear the stomping of feet behind me while I ran into my room and closed the door.

I turned off the light and hid under my covers. I heard my door slowly creak open and something walk in. I raised the cover enough to see teeth and those red eyes staring at me. I didn't know what I was looking at. I still don't. It was a human like body, but the hands had claw-like fingers, a long tail, teeth that looked like they would rip me in half and those eyes they looked like they were staring into my soul.

I heard a car pull into the driveway. The front door unlocked. I closed my eyes tightly and yelled "Daddy!" as loudly as I could. I heard him slam open the door run up the stairs and burst into my room. I was sobbing, he asked me what happened. I told him someone was inside the house and he called the police. They found nothing. They said a picture frame fell from the wall in a room downstairs but that there was no one inside the house. That we needed to call if we heard or saw anything else in the house.

I don't know why but I stayed in my room that night. Insisting that I wanted to be alone. So dad slept in his room. I finally fell asleep. Until I heard those scratches against the window beside my bed. I sat up thinking it was a dream. But there stood that thing. Staring at me in my own room. Showing its teeth at me as if it was smiling. I didn't sleep for weeks after that. But then it stopped standing in front of my window.

I moved out when I was 18. I had been staying in that house for a single month before I heard something at the front door. And suddenly I heard something scratch on the wall of my room. I opened my eyes and there it was. But this time it spoke.

"Hey Conny-boy...I will always find you." It said to me in this hellish voice that was a mixture between demonic and an insane person. And it stood there staring back at me the entire night.

It watches from the corners of my house. And anytime a friend asks me what I am looking at, I just stare, knowing they can't see him. Because he is not gone, he is waiting to watch me sleep. Because he will never leave. He will always watch. My advice to you is not to look in the corners of your room at night, he maybe watching you sleep.

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