It's Not a Ghost

Ever since I was a little girl I've had a feeling that follows me as if someone is always around me. I knew when I was in trouble way before I knew what I was in trouble for. I had "imaginary" friends, played by myself all the time, and "felt" everything around me. As I've gotten older I've researched about everything that has to do with mediums, and mind-readers. But I need someones help on this... I'm 25 now and still can't figure it out.

I haven't been able to find out why I am the way I am. I feel out of touch with everyone. Because I feel completely different it seems like than everyone else. I feel the presence of something. Not scary, but I know its more than just a crazy imagination. When I look around the room sometimes I see a cabinet, lamp shade, or shadows moving. Its not something invisible... I feel it most when I'm outside alone. Like someone is trying to get my attention. Inside my house its like a tornado that just RAN by me. But it doesn't happen that often as outside.

It is in the complete darkness that I feel like someone is waiting for me to come see who it is. Its heart pounding and awesome, but nerve racking. I hear it in the trees and I feel it right on the right side of my neck from behind me when I start walking away. I can hear them block out the sound when they are behind me. But when I turn around it's just a gust of wind coming from where they were standing. This has only started over the past year or two...Now for the next part.

A month ago I met my current boyfriend. Not even two days after we met and started dating we would be having a conversation and all day I was saying everything he was going to say down to the exact words. It was the way he would say it though. Not the way I would put things. I literally heard the words in my head and naturally would say it like I heard it.

I have been this way ever since I was little. First finding it amusing and funny. As a teenager my best friend would get very mad. But I didn't know what I was doing. Now I know you're thinking "People do this all the time" but NO! Not like this. It was an all day thing. Where at the end of the day he was a little creeped out. Ever since then I still hear the words before he says them but I don't say anything. I just smile and act like nothing is happening. This used to make my mother pretty angry when I would say what she was going to say, but she never thought anything about it.

It has happened to me countless times with different people, but with my current boyfriend the most. Also I can feel what people feel...any mood, anytime, and its even woke me up if its a very strong feeling! I always know who it is that I'm what people call "vibing" off of. Because its very intense.

If anyone KNOWS anything about this, please explain. But if you don't know then don't say anything. I'm looking for real answers to this one. I can't explain the connection I have with other peoples brains or words so to speak. I can't explain how I "know" that the being or person that follows me is not a ghost. It has too many "physical" traits about the experiences. And the speed is crazy so it runs away faster than I can see. But if anyone knows what either of these things are or have in common please tell me....

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