It's True - There Are Vampires

by semele craven
(rio de jenario ,south america)

It was Sunday and I was out at night searching for my pet cat outside. Later when I saw her suddenly some crazy guy came near her and picked her up. I thought that he wanted to hold her but soon as he opened his mouth and I saw his fearsome teeth I ran towards him to snatch my cat from him.

He didn't know before that I was there and later he got scared of me and scratched me. Then he ran away. I ran to my mother but she told me that these days, due to watching Underworld, I started to make up these stories. Then I told her about the scratch but she didn't bother much and this thing remained with me.

The next day my cat was killed and now I think it's my turn and the main part is the scratch is reacting on me.

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