I've Met the Man Who Breeds Unicorns...

by Mia Mouse
(Columbus, Ohio)

I will explain it to you now as I have come to understand it. There is a man named Oberon Zell whom not only breeds Unicorns, but he has the patent to them. He explained to me that these creatures not only have existed previously in history, but that the secret to this process of breeding them has been discovered and lost multiple times.

There is a myth about these creatures that states that only a virginal woman would be allowed to touch them, which is apparently based on an interesting side effect of their breeding. You see, in this case at least, the Unicorn is actually a Goat that has had both its' horn bred and merged into one. Essentially, when the two horns become one (I don't know how, it's his secret not mine) it elongates the nasal passage and amplifies their sense of smell. So much so that they are able to smell if a woman is sexually active or not, and their behavior reflects this. When they are around a woman whom is not "active" they act very friendly towards them. However, if a women whom is "active" is around them, they act as though they want to mate with them.

For those of you whom might be interested, Oberon Zell actually opened a school (in some ways like Hogwarts) by the name of the Grey School of Wizardry. If you're looking for more information on the subject you can look him up with a few links I've included.

Mainly, there's his website:

Also, he can be located on Facebook at:

For books and other interesting items, he has several items listed on Amazom.com:

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