John & Betrayal

by Alexis
(Illinois )

The story I am about to tell you was a dream of mine. Now before you back click just know this dream wasn't an ordinary dream. I felt like I was really there and I felt all of the emotions and pain, lucid dreaming perhaps. Now with the story...

There was fire surrounding two people. The heat from the fire was like a furnace. There was a woman and a man, I saw things from the man's point of view. The woman was on her knees in front of the man, begging for him to not end her existence. I can't remember her frantic sentence, but I do remember two words. John and Betrayal. I don't know if the man in front of her was John, but it felt like he had his arm raised in a high arc. And in his hand felt like a weapon of some sort, a knife, a dagger? The fire grew as it consumed a village, maybe some settlement ages ago from now. The intensity of the moment felt like the intensity of the fire. I don't know if the woman died because the vision suddenly became a black nothing.

I'm not much a Bible reader, but I do know that John 18 talks about betrayal. I don't know if this was maybe a past life, as I said I don't read the bible. I know that God said you have one life only but I don't believe that. I'm just looking for answers because this wasn't just any dream it felt prophetic. If anyone has any help with this could you please comment. Thank you for reading this and if you help me, I greatly appreciate it!

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