Just Another Ghost Tale

by Ella
(Wheeling, IL)

My tale is not about a scary brief moment in my life. Nor is it about the things you think you see out of the corner of your eyes.

Ever since I was young I could remember seeing things others couldn't. Nothing like centaurs, Bigfoot or El Chupacabra. I was raised in a poor family. Living in a home of seven. We didn't have time for fears of the dark or nightmares.

The first memory I can recall is when I was three. It had happened three weeks before I had a childhood accident. I was sitting on our lawn watching the clouds and I saw a gold figure soar across my view faster then my eyes could register. As a child I thought all to be real. So this wasn't too big of a deal to me. I told my gold figure to my mother whom laughed it off and let it drop. Soon after I had my accident. I was running across the road after a Halloween party and was struck by a car. The only thing I can remember is seeing the same gold figure staring at me as I laid in the gravel. Next I was being carried away by random people. I'm told I was asking the Emergency Medical Techs about the gold figure. They said I was in shock.

I have seen the gold figure only once more. I woke up and glance over to see the figure standing in the doorway. When I blinked, it was gone. That was around 5 months ago. I am nineteen now. And I really hope this doesn't mean another car is going to splatter me all over the cement.. :) I don't know what it was. None of the times I have seen this figure has it ever seem human.

I am not saying it is of any religion. Or belief. I have no answers. This is not the only weird happening in my short nineteen years, but this story is long enough as is. It's kind of a scary story. Wouldn't it scary you to have something watching you and have no clue if it means harm or good? I personally don't believe it means either. Maybe just spectating. There's my story.

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