Kanaka Pete and the Missing Students

by Tiffany

While I was attending University in British Columbia during the spring of 2008 there was a rumor going around that some students disappeared. Apparently they were filming a documentary on the axe murderer Kanaka Pete. The rumor was that they were looking around Newcastle Island in search of his unmarked grave.

It was reported their kayaks were found in the channel the next day so some thought they might have drowned. The police on the other hand said there was no foul play and that these students just dropped out of school and went traveling like many college students do. I don't remember seeing any missing person reports in the news at that time.

Interestingly, a number of severed feet in running shoes have mysteriously been washing up on the shores in the Pacific Northwest over the past few years. The recently found ones were apparently severely decayed. Police claimed they are baffled since no other body parts have ever been discovered but I think it is cover up because they will not release any names or details.

I just saw on the internet that someone might have uncovered the videotape that I remembered hearing rumors the students were making. Really creepy stuff. They are trying to get it released to the public. They have a web site with more information and some clips from the found video. www.severedfootage.com

If you like scary mysteries like I do this should be a good one.

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