Kelpie The Nightmare Horse

by carleigh henson
(okkeechbee F)

I don't talk about this much; it really was the scariest moment of my life.

It was me and my friend Cameron. It was a cool Saturday morning and we were walking around my yard. I turned around and said "let's go walking in the woods."

She gazed over the woods, then the pond beyond the tree line, then turned around and said "okay."

I called my two Australian Shepherds; I knew they would protect us. So we headed to the woods. About half way into the woods Cameron said "Is that your pony?"

I laughed and then said, "What pony?"

She said "No, I'm not kidding. There's a pony in the pond." I turned around and there was a beautiful apple white pony with baby blue eyes. The pony stared at us and then I heard my dogs start to growl as the pony came closer. Cameron and I started to pet the pony, its muzzle in my hand, then I saw its teeth were like razor blades.

I yanked Cameron back and then she saw the pony's teeth. She and I both knew the legend of the kelpie. We started to run back to house and both heard hoof beats behind us when we saw a black horse with red eyes and kelp in its mane. Cameron started to run again, but I kept my eyes on the horse. For some reason he didn't seem to chase us any more so I started to run back to my house. I looked at the horse one more time before running back to the house.

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