Kiss of Death

by lakesha

There i was staring into his cold dead eyes on that cold night i felt like i didn't know him anymore and he told me this would happen but i didn't listen i though this would never happen this soon. as my once lover walked toward me with his hands outreached for my neck i ran.

"stop please don't i'm begging you." i said as i felt the cold tears roll down my cheeks, running and desperate to catch my breath i was no mach for his speed before i know i was thrown on a tree he was in front of me with his hands on both sides of me breathing down my neck.

"i'm sorry." he said "i cant take it any more your blood, the smell, i cant hold out anymore yes the human side of me still loves you but the vampire side want to ripe you apart and suck out your insides." he said as he licked my neck. he riped his arms around me and tightened his grip.

"stop it hurts please just stop before something bad happens please."

"something bad has already happened i fell in in love with a human. whats worse is that that human is 15 years old. i might still age like everyone else but this is still wrong i love and in sorry.."

i stopped him and said "then do it. stop holding back. bite me. i love you to and i want to be with you so make me a half-vampire if it will make you happy i'm all for it. i'm ready for this."

"Okay just don't forget when you wake up i'll be here." he said as he kissed me lightly there was a dull pain that grew as his fangs broke more in to my skin.

"awwwwwwwwww!" that was my last word before i passed out...

(p.s this is my work please do not steal it thank you)

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