La Llorona

by Valencia14

I'd like to share a ghost story, that isn't nearly half as scary as the others I've read, but I thought it might catch some attention being that it is a very old and popular Hispanic ghost story.

La Llorona (weeping woman) is a woman who drowned her kids and then drowned herself. The myth changes up based on your location, if you're interested I can feel you in with more details.

Anyways... my dad tells me the story of his encounter a lot. He used to live in a little town in New Mexico called Pecos, not that far from the Pecos River (Pecos river and Rio Grande are the big ones for this legend). One day; daylight; him and his cousin, both about 7 or 8, walked down this path from their grandmother's house to the Pecos river. They were going to go swimming, but decided to go even further up the river. They got a ways from the path leading to the house when they saw a pale woman in a white dress floating across the river to them. Her eyes were red and she had long hair. He said she grabbed hold of his cousin's wrist and was crying in Spanish for her kids. He was trying to pull his cousin away and being little kept saying, "He's not your child. Let him go!" finally getting loose they ran home. To this day he still gets teary-eyed. He's not fond of further discussion of it.

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