Lady of the Island

by Alton
(Majuro, Marshall Islands)

I've heard the story so many times before from people of Jaluit, Marshall Islands usually from old folks and relatives visiting us. I thought it was nothing but stories to fill in the boring parts of a lengthy conversation between adults. My family is from Jaluit who moved to the Capitol City, Majuro, Marshall Islands back in the 1960's, and I have never been to Jaluit before until recently.

In May 2007 I was sent to Jaluit to manage the newly established village bank there, and as someone who was suppose to be logical in all my thoughts I was a true critic of the supernatural. Until I decided I was going to hunt wild pigs in the island of Ajjej En at Jaluit atoll. I was told that Ajjej En was recently evacuated in the late 1990's because of the lady of the island, "Yeah, the same lady I've heard stories of growing up." And to top it off she was related to me by blood; she's like my 3x great-grandmother from my mother's side. It is told her haunting started when her eldest son conjured her up from the grave by using the dark rituals of putting food and God knows what other stuff on her tombstone.

Anyway, one day I decided I was going to hunt wild pigs roaming around the island. My plan was to head out the following day early in the morning by boat. So I went to my place to make ready for my adventure, then I noticed a bottle of vodka left by one of my visiting staff members from our headquarters in Majuro. It was about half inch filled from the bottom, so I decided to drink it. Not long before I started having all these mixed emotions of anger and humor just rushing through me; one second I was crying loudly and one second I was laughing my lungs out. What amazes me the most is I only drank half an inch from the bottom of that bottle, and I've drank vodka before. I knew it took more than that to alter my thinking this much. I was so drunk it was like I've emptied two bottles of vodka (I should know because I've done it before in my wild college years.)

Before I knew it I noticed a shadowy female figure entering my mind... like literally entering my mind from the outside. I couldn't see her face, but somehow I knew who she was and the reason she's here. She was here to confront me because I was going to shoot down wild pigs in her island. I couldn't believe she was real, I didn't fear her, but I felt violently angry and wanted to do battle. It was like something else or someone else has took control over my thoughts and actions. I blacked out of reality and my surrounding was different. I was not in my apartment anymore... I was floating on air in a very dark place that had no ending, fighting the fight of my life against her. Now, in that state of mind I guess? I mean I'm no shrink, but here's how it went. It was like I had multiple people in me, one was fighting her, one was laughing hard, one was crying like a little girl, and one was asking Jesus for help. Funny thing is I could see Father Jim and one of his alter boys going through the Bible inside his place in real time. It was like watching through a hidden camera, but without the hidden cameras. I kept asking Jesus to help me and the other people in me kept doing what they were doing. While the other me was still fighting her two other ladies jumped in to assist the lady. Now, by this time the so called fighting me was very tired, but relentless, then, I snapped back into reality and noticed I was back in my apartment again still crying and laughing. I didn't want to laugh nor cry, but it was like my emotions had a mind of their own.

I looked around my place and found a broken coffee maker, a big hole in my wall like someone punched through it, and vomit on my floor, and everything was red...even the air was red. It was like being inside a glass of water and have kool-aid mixed with it. I blacked out a second time and I was back floating in mid-air again in that never-ending dark place still fighting now three murky looking ladies and I was losing the fight. All I could think of now was Jesus Christ! Only if He could just lend me a hand? For I had no fight left in me and these three demon ladies were surely going to do something horrible to me the second I let down my guard. And I was barely holding up my defenses both mentally and physically. The only defense I had left and was still standing strong was my spiritual defense and I knew it! I knew I had to somehow snap out of where ever I was and start booking it to where Father Jim was to seek help. I knew through Father Jim, JESUS was already ready to fight for me!

The minute I came back to earth inside my apartment I stood up and darted straight out the door not stopping for anyone. I had to hurry before I blackout again and possibly hurt someone especially the kids playing near the road. When I reached Father Jim's place it was like I envisioned it before, he was sitting in his chair and the alter boy was leaning over so they could go through the Bible just like I've seen it with every single detail. I knelt before him and asked him to help me because I thought I was demon possessed, and he told me did I drank alcohol and I said I did. He told me not to drink again, because when we're intoxicated even just a little we're very vulnerable to the evil elements. Then he layed his hands upon my head and prayed.

Not long after he started praying I felt like something was lifted from me, and my body felt like it had no bones in it. I fell to the floor feeling like mush and useless. The moment I felt the sense of release I heard a bird believed by the locals to be an evil spirit fly away from the area. I rested until nightfall, and when I woke up there were people surrounding where I was lying; obviously they've all heard what had happened to me.

I've never felt more embarrassed before because they say these kinds of things often happen to women and rarely to men. Then when I got up and went home I noticed that the animals around me felt something in me. While I was walking back to my place the neighbor's dog barked and growled at me, and that dog has never done that before. It's usually friendly towards me every time I walked by. Now I'm not going to try and convince anybody that my story is a fact, or I went through all that because I was drunk and gone wacko. But I just want to say this...if you really want proof come to "Ajjej En island" in Jaluit, Marshall Islands and start meddling with the properties on the island, and you'll have your own story to tell. Now there are houses recently built with some of the former residents' belongings still inside the houses. There's still a town on the island, but with no residents. All the people left the island in a hurry, and the only explanation I can come up with is because of that lady. They say she can hurt people physically,and literally appear in person in front of an individual or a group, but in my case the attack happened mentally and somewhat physically because of all the broken things.

I don't have photos of what happened, I have locals who know of my story, all I can say is visit that island and you'll know for yourself or could you? I hope my story can help give some answers to things that cannot be explained, and hopefully it will help you who is or was going through the same experience. Have Jesus as your defense in times of danger... be safe because there are things beyond what we know.

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