Legend of the One-Horns!

by Rebecca Lynn Clinger
(Sandy, Utah, USA)

Long ago the battle of good and evil raged on. Evil was taking the upper hand. Humans began to act like animals and demons began taking over human souls! The gods had to think of something to save the human race from destruction!

Zeus thought for many days of how he could save the human world when he finally knew what he had to do - make a creature of good to deflect the evil in the world. Zeus welcomed four beautiful white horses into his world he gave each a magic horn to ward off evil. He told him to stay away from human eyes or they would become unreal and never become apart of mythology for man kinds own good. He gave four angels license to ride them and together they would help man kind be rid of the demons.

Once the war was over the angels had to return but the horses would not. They loved mankind so they were granted the right to stay on earth to help humans while keeping their numbers down, hiding in the shadows, and going were needed.

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