Levitating Bed

by Louise
(Durban, South Africa)

My experiences happend when I was a Jehovah's Witness. I was in this religion from the age of 5 until 29. I left 6 years ago. Their belief in satan and his demons is very strong, they believe that these entities are out to get you. The fear is drummed into you.

It was a Friday night, and I was due to go on field service (a ministry work the JW's do) the next day. At this time I was living with my grandmother, I didn't get along well with my dad so moved in with her when I was about 17. I was also studying the bible quite in depth and doing a lot of research on the book of revelation. Yes not a normal 17 year old hobby, but I have always been drawn to history and mystery.

I woke up my bed shaking. I still had my cat and anyone who has a cat that sleeps on the bed will know that when they scratch vigorously, it does shake the bed slightly. In my haziness, I thought it was the cat. So I sat up. Looked for the cat but she was not on the bed.

The bed was still shaking, quite badly.

I literally shook my head and pulled the covers aside and made to swing out of my bed, I looked down and noticed my bed was definitely not on the floor, it was raised. Probably a half a foot off the floor.

I immediately started praying out loud and calling on my god for help. After a few minutes it subsided and came to rest. I was physically drained.

I continued to pray throughout the night.

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