Life Is Good

by Mike

Well a little bit about myself. My mother died in a car accident on her way home from a work party. My dad was nowhere in the picture. Fast forward about 8 years I was living with my Grandparents helping my grandfather with the family business of working on the water.

My great grandmother was staying with us and while going senile she kept telling me that she was seeing angles ready to carry her home. Well long story short I was severely injured in a boating accident which resulted in me having a very messed up hand and wrist. My great-grandmother, who was the only person home during the days, would comfort me by telling me that she could see my mother around me and that I was going to be fine. Once again I chalked this one up to senility and would humor her by asking what did she looked like and what not.

The night before my surgery I felt a peace that I could not describe. It was amazing. I felt energized and my hand didn't feel as bad. I felt a hand on my shoulder and a voice whisper in my ear that it was okay and that it would be with me always. I looked up and I swear I saw my mom walking down the hallway corridor and just vanished. To this day when times are rough I look back at that day and know she is with me and watching out for me.

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