Life of a Demon Hunter

by Anthony Coetzee
(south africa)

You would think that this story is probably not real, well I'll tell you this: believe as you please but I know what I have seen, done, experienced.

My name is Anthony Coetzee I live in south africa Getting (town krugersdorp) I am 18 and I'm posting this story for you who do not believe! People think that there are no such things as sprites, ghosts or Demons well I'm here to tell you that you are wrong.

I was only 14 and I went to a vacation spot with my aunt and like always I enjoyed the warm pools and the game zones and of course the girls I mean what kind of boy that age would not? I eventually met this girl there let's just say her name was Denease (random name).

I was walking around with her in the complex and things was looking good but I kept feeling strange everywhere and kept seeing red eyes in the shadows, but kept ignoring it but that was a mistake. When we walked underneath a tree something hit me in my face and sent me tumbling to the ground. Denease helped me up and pointed out that I had a red mark on my face we were both freaked out.

Later that day just as the sun was about to set she went back to the flat they rented for the weekend. I was still standing there watching the sun set when suddenly as the sun sets I notice the shadows came closer to me and inside the shadows a dark figure coming closer to me. I then turned and attempted to run away but it was too late, the shadows reached me and it got close enough, it started to hit me on my back with a strange whip, 4 times to be exact, then it disappeared.

I walked back to our flat and my aunt asked me what was wrong then she saw the blood on my back she ripped my t shirt off and as she ran to fetch a towel she turned and stopped she told me the blood just dried up and disappeared. From that day I could see all the other worldly entities and these demons that haunt me. I found that I had the ability to fight back physically ...if you would like to contact me and hear more of this story or many have an explanation of what is happening to me and why pleas email me at ( I NEED ANWERS!

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