Lights In The Alley

(England, Yorkshire)

Hi, I'm wondering if ANYONE out there can tell what the heck this thing is! This happened a couple of nights ago. So, in my street the houses are pretty close together, and so are the backyards. They are connected by one big alleyway which runs behind my house. And no, nothing paranormal had ever happened in the entry until my, well 'encounter' a couple or nights ago.

I was sitting in my room (which is directly opposite) just listening to music e.g. I always have my blinds closed because I'm a bit of a wimp and one of my worse fears is that someone will peek in my windows, it's a childhood fear and also because I'm paranoid and all that.

So, about 11:50 pm or 12:00 am I start to hear these noises out back, kind of a cross between bangs/tapping. And at first it didn't bother me and I ignored them. But, after about 30 minutes or so I couldn't take it. They had started to get on my nerves and I decided to have a look out the window to see what the noise was.

At first, I couldn't see anything but darkness and there wasn't really any neighbouring lights on, the moonlight was literally the only light source I had. So, I was squinting trying to figure out what is was. Then, directly opposite me a light started flashing off and on in the backyard. It might a well had been a torch, looking back. But, it was just so bloody weird! I mean who in there right mind would be going around with a torch when there street lights around! Human logic.

Anyway, things got creepier. The light, still keeping in rhythm, bobbed around back there for a solid 20 minutes and then just hovered in one spot. To me it looked like someone was taking pictures of something and that just freaked me out! (By then I was covered in goosebumps lol).

Then, my younger sister came in the room (She's 15, I'm 17 by the way) and just simply said. "What the f**** are you doing hanging out the window". So I told her about the light and the creepy way it was bobbing around and she turned all the lights off and leaned out the window with me.

The light still continued bobbing around for probably around a half and hour. We were still sitting there watching it. Then, without warning, it just blinks out and were wearing there in pitch blackness just staring were this light had just poffed from. I said to my sister that if someone's torch had just gone out wouldn't we had seen them walk back in to the house?.

Another 20 minutes had gone by. Nothing there just blackness. Then I jokingly said, what if someone turned the light off on purpose because they had seen us watching him/her. That kind of freaked us out because we turned out the lights and my sister went back to her room. Nothing else happened and I just went back to whatever I was doing until 3:00 in the morning.

I was just about to go to bed (I have a bad habit of staying up late) and I took one last look out the window and there I was, yet again. Bobbing around in the backyard. So, I literally ran into my sisters room, dragged her out her bed just to look at this goddamned light. This time though, instead of walking around it went straight to the back gate and the opened the gate and stepped into the alley. Me and my sister were panicking, thinking some weirdo was coming over to OUR house. But, no it continued down the entry and this is were shit got creepy, fast.

It went under a street lamp and there was fucking nothing holding the light. Just nothing there at all. My sister actually swore and flung back her curtain and backed away in fright. I stayed there for 10 minutes seeing if it came back but it never did and I haven't seen it since. The whole of that night though I felt on edge, like someone was watching me and it became so bad that I slept in my sister's room all night.

Personally, I don't believe in ghosts. Yeah, I watch the odd horror film or read a ghost story. But, nothing paranormal has ever happened to me or my sister. Even though she has interest in ghosts and all that she was pretty shaken up.

Has anyone got any ideas? What the hell was it? Was it paranormal or just a creepy ol' dude with an invisibility cloak?

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