Lights In The Night

by Maddie Rose

I used to live in a very small town, who's name I will not say. Anyway, it was a fairly normal town, but people were always coming up with fake stories to try to make them seem interesting. I am not making this up.

My cousin Yuni and I were sitting on the back porch. Yuni is eighteen, and she's like a sister to me. We were just sitting there talking, when we saw this blue light in the pasture across the pond. I didn't want to go see what it was, but Yuni grabbed her phone and said she wanted to get a picture of the so-called ghost-light. I rolled my eyes and went with it, trying to pretend that I wasn't scared. We climbed over the fence and went into the pasture.

I was super jumpy, and Yuni kept trying to scare me by saying crap like "Omg, Maddie, there it is!!" So eventually, I just stopped looking where she pointed because I knew it was a lie. But then, she got this really scared look on her face, and she was looking behind me. I didn't want to look, partly because I thought she was lying, and partly because I didn't want to see it. She screamed, then grabbed my wrist and darted away.

I didn't need to turn around, I saw the blue light right behind us. But strangely, I didn't want to run away. I wanted to follow it, but Yuni wouldn't let me. That was a year ago, and I haven't seen any strange lights since.

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