Little Girl

by Amber

This is the third time I've seen something.

This was just a few days ago, I was at my aunt's, it was about 7pm maybe. I was sitting on her couch and I happened to look down the hallway, it was semi-dark and there was a little girl standing there. She had curly dirty blonde hair and around her eyes it was black, and she had a semi-filthy white dress. She was barefoot and she was frowning in an angry way.

She stood there staring me for a few moments before she disappeared. She wasn't frightening nor did I feel scared in anyway, but the imagine of her is still stuck in my head. I can see her so clearly still.

Also; after she disappeared a man, about in his 40's appeared. He was wearing a suit and he was very tall and thin. He had the same black around his eyes. He was frowning in an angry way but there was also a bit of sadness in the frown.

After that an hour later I heard whispers. They were calling my name and they felt eerie.

I know, it probably sounds insane but its true!

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